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Quick Writing Prompt First Grade

• give students ideas and frames for their writing so that they are not working in a void. • focus students’ attention and stimulate their thinking at the beginning of a class. • provide and capture the seeds of ideas for more.

  • For prompts that ask students to write about a person, encourage them to write two responses—one response about a friend or family member, and another about someone they don't know personally. This exercise encourages.

  • Drawing a picture and adding captions is a great writing prompt for first grade students. 4. Journal Writing. Every good writing curriculum should include journal writing. Each student should have their own journal that they write in multiple.

  • Here are a few prompts that first graders can use and some tips on how to best use them in your classroom. Anthony Kelly, cc-by, via Flickr Examples What is something that makes you laugh? Why is it funny? My favorite sport is ___,.

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